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A Committment to Quality Housing
Providing Help For The Belmont Neighborhood Community
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The Belmont Arthur Avenue Local Development Corporation (BAALDC) and the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) have been working together on a comprehensive initiative to prevent the deterioration, blight and abandonmentof at-risk housing stock in the Belmont neighborhood community.
BAALDC was founded in 1981 as the official commercial and economic development agency for the Belmont community. Their involvement with housing and neighborhood enhancement programs has resulted in the procurement of over $1 million in loans and grants for landlords and merchants and over 20 different capital improvement projects.
BAALDC activities have included the development, ownership and management of housing; creating housing opportunities for home ownership for moderate income, low income and special needs housing, including the elderly as well as the homeless population. Never before has a comprehensive housing approach to the Belmont community been undertaken. We hope that the LDC initiatives of the past, present and future will provide elected officials, community leaders, owners, merchants, tenants and potential investors with a better understanding of our Commitment to Quality Housing in the Belmont Neighborhood Community.

Notre Dame apartment complex on
183rd Street
Notre Dame apartment complex on 183rd Street converted in 1987 under section 8 rent subsidized program and housing 97 elderly residents.

For almost 20 years, BAALDC has been involved in a variety of housing initiatives that have helped stabilize not only the Belmont/Arthur Avenue community, but also its adjacent sister communities throughout the Bronx.
In conjunction with the City of New York, BAALDC has undertaken several capital projects that have enhanced the appearance of the Belmont commercial district.
BAALDC is actively involved in building upon prior efforts to both develop and stabilize the housing stock of the community.


An important BAALDC objective is to prevent the deterioration and abandonment of troubled buildings throughout the community. To achieve this objective, BAALDC has become the community leader in anti-abandonment housing programs. Their tasks include physical inspection of property, facilitating contact and outreach with landlords, disseminating information to residents about housing code violations and enforcement issues and to landlords about financial service available through HPD.
Since 1983, the BAALDC has assisted over 50 property owners and in excess of 600 units in obtaining various rehabilitation and improvement funds. The LDC has also returned over 20 former City-owned properties to the tax roll and has guided well over 1,500 tenants through its information and referral service.
BAALDC is also the community leader in new housing construction, substantial and moderate rehabilitation programs and neighborhood institution enhancement. The LDC is currently in the process of rehabilitating ten buildings within Community Board 6, comprising of 133 units. The Ldc also manages 125 units in five other buildings through the vacant building program.
The LDC was created to provide an important link to the City of New York in obtaining funding for community projects and to foster long range planning. The LDC is Belmont's leader in the commitment to quality housing.


BAALDC and HPD promote quality housing and a viable neighborhood by acting as the catalyst for private sector investment and economic integration of the community. They attempt to maximize neighborhood ownership and management of City-owned residential buildings by soliciting local participation in disposition and development programs; encouraging and supporting the preservation and development of affordable housing through loans and other financial assistance; and compliance with housing quality standards.
HPD and LDC provide a variety of vital services to preserve the existing housing stock and expand housing options for the Belmont community. Some of the services include:

  • Providing low interest rehabilitation loans to assist homeowners and landlords.
  • Building new homes and renovating vacant buildings with for-profit and not-for-profit partners to produce affordable housing for both renters and homeowners.
  • Administering tax incentives and abatement programs to encourage the construction and rehabilitation of residential property in the neighborhood.
  • Enforcing the housing maintenance code and Multiple Dwelling Law.
Program goals are to provide private owners with access to and assistance in applying for housing improvement projects. The inserts in this package include information about Belmont's neighborhood redevelopment initiatives, designed to stimulate community renewal. They further outline the HELP that HPD and the LDC to provide those interested in continuing the community's commitment to quality housing.

Quarry Road homes. Quarry Road homes. Single family home development (42 units) for moderate income, first homebuyers through HUD program.
Belmont Arthur Avenue space
Belmont Arthur Avenue space
Belmont Arthur Avenue space